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The Haunting of Muriel Trevenard Dawn Meier

The Haunting of Muriel Trevenard

Dawn Meier

Published January 29th 2013
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Abigail Daniels is visited one day by a young girl who pleads for Abby’s help then suddenly disappears. Who is this young girl, where did she come from, and how could Abby possibly help her?Join Abby in her quest to find and help this unknown person. Follow Abby to the town of Newport, Oregon on the Oregon Coast, where she discovers the long forgotten newspaper article that describes the life and unexplained disappearance of Muriel Trevenard in the Haunted Lighthouse of Yaquina Bay.Could this be the young girl that visited Abby earlier? Has Muriel Trevenard coming back from beyond asking Abby to save her or find out how she died? What possible help could Abby be in 2012 when the young girl is reported to have disappeared in the 1870s?This is a second in a series for Abigail Daniels, amateur detective. The series is set on the Oregon Coast where hundreds of unexplained deaths have occurred for centuries. So many stores, so little time.