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The Village Idiots Ebay Club Charlie Bray

The Village Idiots Ebay Club

Charlie Bray

Kindle Edition
83 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A CLUB FOR QUIRKY PEOPLEQuirky people buy quirky things - and Ebay is full of quirky things. DANGER ALERT! What if they cant stop bidding? What if their lives become quirkier and quirkier as a result? TIME TO JOIN THE EBAY CLUB!WEEKLY THERAPYEvery week a dozen or so Ebay idiots rock up to the Village Hall carrying an assorted array of nonsense, show it off to their peers and admit, often reluctantly, that they may, just may, have a problem. Heres your chance to gatecrash a meeting and see if you agree.THE LEADERFirst youll meet Big Dick. He rules the club with a rod of iron. But underneath he has a heart of gold – and an incredibly small bladder. Which is a bit of a contradiction, given his name. He misses most of each meeting by dashing to the loo.THE MEMBERSA wonderful bunch of misfits. From the upper echelons – Lord Marmite, who bids on antique commodes… to society’s underbelly – Micky Finn, who bids on various disguises to go thieving in.Daft Donald, a tiny fellow who loves uniforms… an irate individual named Mr Angry, who bids on lots he can shout at… a vicar who collects bones…David Attenborough, who buys Toys-R-Us cast-offs…Cyril Fox, a barrow boy who deals from a suitcase bigger than Dr Whos tardis…a 90 year old thug who inflicts terror on her sheltered accommodation... two close friends, Lamb and lettuce who prance around in mankinis feeding their toes to fish... a robot with a mind of its own...and a lookalikee who employs her own Mr Paparazzi.THE WINNING LOTSHow about a London Routemaster bus for starters, a human skull, a Guardsman’s bearskin, a burqa, a much loved iguana, a destructive Segway scooter, and a selection of candles in the wind.THE ACTIONCarol singers under arrest. A Guardsman being chased by hostile parents. A bus journey from hell. Flying cyclists. Car wars on the high street. Piers Morgan as a punchbag (yesss!), courtesy of the renowned ex-boxer, Sugar Ray Shit for Brains, and Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier, makes a comeback.So come on...take the plunge and dive into this mad world of laugh out loud comedy...theyre all there waiting for you.Authors note:The Village Idiots Ebay Club is a short story of around 10,500 words.