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Jesse Russell

Published June 4th 2012
ISBN : 9785512570029
158 pages
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 About the Book 

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! getmail is a simple mail retrieval agent intended as a replacement for fetchmail, implemented in Python. It can retrieve mail from POP3, IMAP4 and Standard Dial-up POP3 Service servers, with or without SSL. It supports simple and domain (multidrop) mailboxes, mail filtering via any arbitrary program, and supports a wide variety of mail destination types, including mboxrd, maildir, and external arbitrary mail delivery agents. Unlike fetchmail, getmails Python foundation makes it all but immune to buffer overflow security holes. It also has a simpler configuration syntax than fetchmail. It also supports fewer authentication protocols than fetchmail. On systems processing local mail, its delivery capability is redundant, because such systems must have a local mail delivery agent (mda) anyway. This inclusion of mda functionality within fetchmail, without providing full mda functionality (such as the ability to receive and deliver locally-originated messages) is contrary to the UNIX philosophy of application modularity.