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How Far the Mountain Robert K Jr Swisher

How Far the Mountain

Robert K Jr Swisher

Published February 15th 2013
ISBN : 9781611391640
140 pages
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 About the Book 

How Far The Mountain is the story of a man, a woman, and a mountain. The woman, from the city, must go to the mountain to discover who she is after her husbands death from cancer. The man, a cowboy, must force himself to go to the mountain and make a shrine from the bones of Texas Lady, the horse his wife was riding when she was killed by lightning. The mountain is only a mountain but, in itself, is the creator of stories more profound than any two peoples needs. The woman, after her husbands death, is thrown into a world she does not understand. She forces herself to go alone to the mountain in an attempt to chase away the loneliness that tugs at the corners of her heart. The man has spent his life guiding people into the mountains. Now lost, after the mountain has killed his wife, and accompanied by his dog, Gypsy, he returns to the mountain to try and rid himself of the demons that control his every moment. The man and woman both have needs and desires, but life has destroyed their dreams. They both are desperately seeking love but they are afraid to reach out, fearing if they find love it will only end in another tragedy. The man and woman, unknown to each other, start from opposite sides of the mountain toward the same meadow. It is only by chance they see each other in the distance--one waves but one ignores it, afraid of the warmth from a wave. During the man and womans exodus the mountain spins its history: stories of its beginning, tales of miners, trees so large they touch the heavens, Indians, outlaws, gamblers, dreamers, great bears, thundering storms, bones and circling ravens. How Far The Mountain is a quest for the human spirit and a tribute to the earths healing magic. A novel that will leave you warm and knowing that no matter what tragedy life brings, there is always hope. ROBERT K. SWISHER JR. has been a ranch foreman and a mountain guide. He knows the outdoors and western history, and has successfully combined these interests in stories, poems and novels. He is also the author of The Land, Fatal Destiny, Only Magic, The Last Narrow Gauge Train Robbery, Last Day In Paradise and Love Lies Bleeding, all from Sunstone Press. Of The Land, Publishers Weekly said: If there were a category of historical romances written for men, this moving novel would fit the bill.