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Opfernacht Erica Spindler


Erica Spindler

Published 2011
ISBN : 9783868006735
480 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Spine tingling in places, this novel centres on a 25y old mystery of the disappearance of baby Dylan at a Sonoma, California winery. After his disappearance, his parents marriage dissolves and his mother runs away to San Francisco with her 5y old daughter, Alex from a previous relationship. Bringing Alex up on her own, she removes all evidence of their former life. Alex however, suffers from disturbing nightmares of sinister men in robes and naked writhing bodies in a dark candlelit place and wonders if these hark back to something from her childhood. When the body of a baby is found in an old vineyard and Alexs mother commits suicide Alex discovers her connection with Dylan and moves to Sonoma to find out more about her family.Erica Spindler writes blood chilling scenes very well indeed. The novel is a fast ride through the light that is Sonoma wine country to the darkness hiding in some of the old wine families. Although this is the first book I have read by Erica Spindler, but wont be the last.