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The Works of John Smyth - Volume 2 W. T. Whitley

The Works of John Smyth - Volume 2

W. T. Whitley

Published July 1st 2009
ISBN : 9781579782610
476 pages
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 About the Book 

In THE WORKS OF JOHN SMYTH, you will discover examples of Smyths Puritan preaching reflective of his training at Cambridge. You will also be intrigued by his discussion with other Separatists and Puritans on the nature of the true church and his understanding of true worship. In his WORKS, you will be exposed to the first book-length argument for believers baptism to be published in English. You can also consider Smyths interaction with Mennonite beliefs as well as one of the first statements in English on religious liberty. This reprinting of W. T. Whitleys THE WORKS OF JOHN SMYTH is the perfect way to acknowledge 400 years of English Baptist History. JASON K. LEE Associate Professor of Historical Theology Assistant Dean of Theological Studies Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Fort Worth, TX, USA