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The Owl Tree & the Ballad of the Owl Tree ROY MOSS

The Owl Tree & the Ballad of the Owl Tree


Published November 1st 2012
ISBN : 9781909000032
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 About the Book 

Two stories rooted in the traditions of ancient folk tales and fairytales, uniquely told in the poetic form harking back to the classically told oral tales before printing was widespread- for maximum enjoyment read out loud. Written for children (to be read to, or older children to read themselves) but dark enough to appeal to older readers, it explores many themes from the basic good vs evil to more complex themes of revolution and dependance on the supernatural, other simple philosophy and introducing some love-able and some not so love-able characters. Uplifting, heartbreaking, reassuring and somewhat magical and all rolling off your tongue in rhyming couplets and ballad forms. The two Owl Tree poems are accompanied by breathtakingly beautiful artwork by two hugely talented individuals who have created a wonderful visual setting and characters, but still leaves your imagination to fill in the rest. Step into this world of magic and mystery, but also grounded in realism, a dichotomy that is confronted head on and done so in a loving way through the beauty of poetic verse.