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Van Gogh: Southbound Denis Coutagne

Van Gogh: Southbound

Denis Coutagne

Published June 1st 2009
ISBN : 9782753700857
128 pages
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 About the Book 

Van Gogh became Van Gogh during his stay in Provence in the course of a few seasons: everything has been written about this period! Everything has been shown, including the paintings and the sites from which the painter got his inspiration. But there was room for a book which would aim to take the reader into the heart of Van Goghs landscapes as he would have been able to see them today in the light that only photography can create, and which would be able to convey in writing the internal drama of the artist in the midst of the creative process. So the objective of this book is not to bring forth new historical information. Nor is it to establish any immediate connections between the paintings and the landscapes chosen by the painter. The objective of this book is to combine a poetic and noetic literary essay with an artistic and documentary photo report around the works of Van Gogh, also reproduced in the book (unavoidably).