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Y2 K Arthur Kopit

Y2 K

Arthur Kopit

ISBN : 9781585670604
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 About the Book 

A married couple in New York City awake one day to discover, in a plot worthy of Kafka or Orwell, that their private lives are no longer private. Even more frightening, their lives seem to bear no relation to anything they knew.An edgy, erotically charged information-age thriller, this new play by award-winning playwright Arthur Kopit exposes the control that computers can have over our lives, morality, even bank accounts. Acclaimed by the critics as the best new play at the 1999 Humana Festival of New American Plays in Louisville, it is one of the major productions in the Manhattan Theatre Clubs 1999--2000 season in New York.Sizzling . . . dark comedy that becomes a horrifying cautionary tale . . . the play has a lethal feedback.-- The New York TimesKopits cool topical thriller exploits technophobes fear of the new millennium and the increasing power cybergeeks will wield at the expense of the computer-illiterate. . . . Kopits writing is laced with mordant wit, and the central characters are subtly drawn.-- Variety