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A Dudes Guide to the West Jim Willoughby

A Dudes Guide to the West

Jim Willoughby

Published December 31st 1996
ISBN : 9781565541474
128 pages
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 About the Book 

Of course, to be a true Westerner you need to survive, and two essentials for survival are food and water. For the cowboy, beef is best. He knows that you should never turn down a T-bone steak-unless its still on the cow and that chicken is alright if there is no steak around. He is also aware that the bit about barrel cactus containing water isnt true and that you should carry plenty with you. As the cowboy would be apt to tell you, Youll be buzzard bait if you get careless in the desert. But more than just surviving, the cowboy lives a philosophical life. He knows that the ultimate artist created the Painted Desert. He will advise you to tell the preacher he did a good job, because he may be your ticket to heaven. Dont, he will say, tell a pretty lady you would climb the highest mountain for her until you check out the mountain. Finally, he may wax poetic: With all the cowboy artists and cowboy poets there are today, one wonders who is watching the cows.